Favorite High School Movies

Greetings fellow readers!

Hard to believe that summer is almost over. Now that my preschool is back in session I have been in the mood for classic schoolroom dramas. I have had this idea in the works for a while now. Re-watching Dead Poet’s Society kick started this endeavor, that and the weather beginning to cool off. Also, sliding in a few that aren’t strictly about high school. Why not? 😉

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So Let’s get started!

#10 Napoleon Dynamite

First time I watched this was with my cousins on Thanksgiving, found myself laughing at the quirkiness. Although could have been the turkey.

Napoleon is looking for a friend which isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. He meets Trisha in an unexpected way.

It truly captures the socially awkwardness of high school. Not a much of a plot, but so quotable!

#9 Princess Diaries

What happens to a high schooler when she finds out she is royalty? This movie answers that question. So many great moments in this movie and the score for this is excellent! Got to love Joe!

Watched this on repeat growing up. Makes for a great Friday night movie!

#8 Anne of Avonlea

You can’t talk about teachers without mentioning Anne. This was a quintessential movie of my childhood. Asked repeatedly for the “Anne in the muddy” scene.

Anne takes on the challenge of teaching a lady’s college. Little does she know how prickly the Pringle family can be.

Also, the romance with Gilbert finally takes off.

#7 Karate Kid

After moving to a new school, Daniel is being bullied; he decides to learn karate to protect himself. Mr. Miyagi is a great teacher. He is patient and starts with the basics. Wax on. Wax off.

You just can’t beat the original. None of the others came close.

#6 Rudy

Do you want an underdog story with lots of heart? This is for you. I say that and this movie is revolves around football. So that is is high praise from someone who isn’t a sports fan.

Rudy has a dream of playing football at the University of Notre Dame. Unfortunately, many obstacles stand in his way. Rudy has a sweeping score and a great cast.

And now to the top five!

#5 10 Things I Hate about You

For Cameron to date Bianca, her older sister, Kat, has to date first. This is highly unlikely as Kat is a strong-willed feminist. It hits quite a few high school tropes but in a unique way.

Who would have thought that Shakespeare would fit so well in high school.

#4 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

When Ferris Bueller decides to skip school for the day, chaos follows in his wake. Honestly, can’t believe his parents don’t have a clue to his antics. A must watch for every high schooler. Not the best role model, but iconic and just funny.

If I’m anybody from this movie, I’m Cameron.

#3 The Outsiders

You may be asking why put The Outsiders above Bueller. Well, this movie is better in my opinion. Ponyboy is a dreamer who doesn’t quite fit in the greaser gang. Deals with the issue of gang violence.

Honestly, I am just a sucker for a sad story. You will recognize many of the members in this cast; a very young Tom Cruise being one of them.

#2 Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams plays a poetry teacher at an all boy’s school. He uses some unconventional methods that inspires these boys to reestablish the Dead Poets Society. Just a heads up the ending does deal with a suicide.

I love how Mr. Keating wants the boys to think outside the box. I’m not a big poetry fan, but this movie almost changed my mind.

Take a guess at the top spot????

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#1 October Sky

I have probably mentioned on here that I am a space nerd. I love anything relating to the space race! Watching October Sky for the first time while on vacation, lighted my imagination and I connected with it. Every couple years I get a hankering to see it again.

Homer lives in a coal mining town. Homer’s father wants Homer to join the ranks in the mine. Meanwhile, Homer dreams about rockets.

It is based on a true story.

So there it is folks my top ten school related movies. Now I hand the baton over to you. What are some of your favorites?

Happy Fall!