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I’ve taken another rather long hiatus, and I’m Sorry about that. Life has proceeded to bring changes which take some adjusting to. My sister and I recently moved, only a few miles from where we were, but a move just the same. It was my first time which kinda stressed me out.

We have been at the new place for about a month. Due to all this, my reading kinda went into a slump. Before moving I was reading, Suns Will Rise, took me like three weeks to finish. After that I read our book club pick of Skeletons on the Zahara which was fascinating. Both of these are not light-hearted.

After those, I needed a reread! And this weather put me in the mood for Anne. So far I’ve reread the first 2 books in the series and hope to read the third soon.

Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea

By L. M. Montgomery

Genre – Historical Fiction, Coming-of-Age

Rating – PG for mild peril and adventures

Synopsis – These two books tell the story of an orphan girl named Anne Shirley who has imagination and spirit to match her red hair. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are seeking to adopt a boy to help them around the farm as they are getting on in years. Along he way a mistake is made and Anne is sent to them instead. They must decide whether or not to keep her. Anne has quite a way of finding adventures and misshapes as she grows into a young lady.

My Thoughts –

This is such a sweet story to come back too. Both of these books are filled with vibrant descriptions of plants and the changing of seasons. They make for perfect summer reads.

Throughout the years I’ve read both multiple times, although I’ve read Green Gables more then Avonlea. For the longest time, I disliked Anne of Avonlea because it felt so much slower then the previous book. Plus, the whole Ms. Lavender’s romance dragged on for a while. I will say I was able to appreciate it more this go around. Mainly due to the fact that I’m a preschool teacher. So, I related to her trials with her students. It can truly be like walking a tightrope to juggle kiddos with a wide range of personalities! I love Anne’s gumption and spirit. She wants her students to excel and to take away life lessons.

There are so many fantastic characters in these novels. Anne of course is very relatable. Seems like every chapter she is getting into mischief, although mostly unintentionally on her part. She takes everything to heart and tends to crash when things don’t go as expected. There is a bit of Anne in me, especially my younger self. 😉

Gilbert Blythe is true rival of Anne despite his attempts to appease her wounded pride. I will say that he is very patient. I mean he waits 3 years for her to forgive him, that is a true gentleman.

Matthew is my second favorite. Now, he doesn’t say much, but when he does, you better listen. He can match his sister Marilla in stubbornness. He has genuine sweetness about him and is such a hard worker.

If you are looking for a film version, I highly recommend the 80’s versions with Megan Follows. While they don’t strictly follow the book, they capture the essence. Plus, they would make for a great family movie night.

Quotes –

“”I should say not. What good would she be to us?” “We might be some good to her,” said Matthew suddenly and unexpectedly” (P. 29).

“Oh Marilla,” she exclaimed one Saturday morning. . . “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” (P. 120).

“Marilla, isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet” (P. 176).

These books hold up well and they are so accessible that anyone could read them. But especially MG or YA girls. There is an innocence in these first 2 books. I’ve really enjoyed rereading and going back to Prince Edward Island. I’d love to visit someday.

Have you ever read either of these books? Do you have a favorite in the series? Who do you relate to the most?

Up Next – After finishing Anne of the Island, I might give Anna Karenina a go, but no promises there.


6 thoughts on “Rereading Anne”

  1. I’ve got my first LMM coming up shortly, The Blue Castle. Actually, I have read one short story, and it was good, but almost too sentimental. It made me a little dubious of The Blue Castle, but your reviews give me some hope that it may be alright yet. Cheers!

    1. How exciting! I have many fond memories of reading LMM books. Particularly the Anne series. For me, the Blue Castle had a completely different vibe, be it in a good way. She does tend to lean toward the sentimental side of writing, however, her characters feel very life-like. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. A first move would be so hard! I’ve been moving around dorm rooms and home, so I can only imagine that to include EVERYTHING. That’s so cool that you’re a preschool teacher!

    I can see how one could dislike Anne of Avonlea! The first time I read it, it only took two days so the pacing wasn’t a problem, lol. It’s funny, though, because I am so much like Anne in all of the books except #2, so I love it, but it’s at the bottom of my favorites. Whereas, #1 claims the spot for my favorite book of all time and #3 is not far behind. <3 Matthew! He is one of my favorites, too.

    Anna Karenina is in my top ten books! My older sister is trying to read it now, and has been for a year, but isn’t making much progress, so it’s not for everyone. Did you decide to give it a go?

    1. Yeah, it was stressful! Awe, I cannot imagine how hard it would be to be constantly moving! Yeah, thankfully we had some good help. Our cousins did quite a bit of heavy lifting. Yea, I enjoy working with the little ones. They grow and learn at such a rapid rate.

      Wow, that is some speedy reading. I think for me there are so many subplots that take away from the main characters. Like we hardly see Gilbert at all. I totally agree! #1 just has a special vibe and I have many good memories of listening/reading it. Awe, yes! Plus, I can only picture the 80’s version in my head as I read cause he fits the character so well.

      How cool! I can understand that. I haven’t picked it up yet. Instead opting for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which I’m enjoying immensely. 😉 I’m hoping to try it soon tho.

    1. Awe, that’s neat! Which book are you on? I’ve only ever read up through the House of Dreams. Although both my sisters and I had only skimmed Windy Poplars.

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