Review for Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged by Arn Rand

Genre – Political fiction

Rating – PG- 13 For strong language throughout and sexual situations

I just wanted to say that I finished it!! Yeah!! So glad to be done!! This was such a long book. My copy was 1069 pages. So War and Peace beat it by roughly 100 pages. It was really deep and made you think, but due to severe content issues, I will not read this again.

Rand’s philosophy makes up a good chunk of the plot. Sadly, She does not believe in God and makes that very clear. Also she believes that man should fend for himself and sacrifice himself for someone else. The book emphasizes how the industrialists are the ones who basically keep the world afloat. When they leave, everything falls apart.

She does develop her characters, but there is so many descriptions that don’t really matter, that I got bogged down. There was a whole chapter of a character’s speech to the public. Where he basically told them how horrible they were and to join him or die.

Language – Fairly strong, throughout the whole book. Mostly taking the Lord’s name in vain. . . this really bugged me.

Violence – not much, there was one gunfights. A couple characters get shot. Mentions of people looting and starving. A couple minor characters die.

Innuendo – A married man ends up sleeping with another women, multiple times. Somewhat described. The author writes the book trying to get you to like that the characters do this. Makes the wife out to be a nasty women. A character falls for a variety of men, sleeps with several. Several kisses.

I cannot say that I would recommend this book. I know it is a classic, but you have to plow through a lot of junk to even get to plot line. I had a hard time enjoying it, as I did not agree with many of the author’s beliefs. Her political views were interesting, and I can see how our country could end up where she portrayed it. I am hoping to pick up some lighter books next.

Have you heard of this book? Any book suggestions? What have you been reading?


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  1. Woohoo!!! You finished it! ? I whole heartedly agree with your opinions of this book….not my favorite either. Proud of you for making it through it tho haha!? ?

    1. Awe Thank You!! It feels so good to be done!! Yes, there are some interesting view in her book. I think some kinda apply to today, others are a little out there. 🙂

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